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"Coming upon qualia-c’s new album, Amare Qualis, is akin to the residual effects of experiencing a Pier Pasolini film. Her work will stay with you in areas of your psyche that are only accessible through starkly transgressive experiences"

MobAngeles/Michael Rand

 ‘amare qualis - birds of paradise on a capitalist planet’ is pure inner sensing in the aftermath of a love story gone awry.

Today’s heartbreak is an old story with a new narrative: the one of ghosts. What if we take ‘ghosting’ literally. Is it our own ghosts characterized by unresolved inherited stress and trauma - the lingering presence of the past that make lasting, healthy connections hard to find? This album is a journey inwards, a journey on a personal path to meet one’s shadow side and let it speak, scream, mourn and find hope.  

VOID ID  explores what exists beyond time and space ...
music video created in collaboration with Camila Magrane

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