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What is it like to listen ...?


Outlandish - might sum it up ... every song is different ... various music genres are rather used as medium for expression: Electronic landscapes are interspersed by archaic and anarchic rhythms, alternative riffs and folklore snippets, spoken word, classical variations, wanna be Jazz, Industrial and Noise. Breath, melodies and voice are experimental articulations of emotions  and thoughts that have nowhere else to go.

‘qualia’ is a term used in philosophy describing the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, which is arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena. If you know me ... you know why this term is the base of my band name ...

I got lucky  and was able to work with Paul Roessler at Kitten Robot Studios for the mixing process of my first album. Paul is a synthesizer and mixing genius. He was instrumental to the 80's Punk Scene in LA. With all of his experience and especially in his presence you believe you can do anything! The 11 songs that I produced over 13 months in 2018/2019 and released in 2020, would never sound as crisp and clear without Paul’s talent to carve space for every single sound. He is simply amazing in all he does! So - all the more I was baffled when he wrote following about my music and the mixing process.

Thanks ... more soon!

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Black Barby Music Festival Black Barby Music Festival

 "I probably learned more from you than you did from me. Your work is so pure, so exploratory, so fearless; also so special in that elements of dance and installation are always right there to augment it and take it to new places. "

Paul Roessler, Kitten Robot Studios, LA

"To put it bluntly, qualia-c is an artist who will only be accessible and digestible to an extremely specific audience. Her mere existence is a testament to not only her uncompromising spirit, and unworldly courage, but to the idea of unimpeded freedom of expression."

Michael Rand, MobAngeles

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